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Usually the quickest way (but not always the cheapest) to remediate a environmental problem related to a spill or release is to excavate the impacted area.

Excavation removes the bulk of the "source material" perminantely from the site.

The excavated soil can then be removed from the site and treated in a variety of methods depending on what on the soil is contaminated is with and at what concentrations.

Sampling is usually recommended to verify that the impacted soil has been removed.

A trained environmental technicain should be present duirng excavation activities.

Excavation can be conducted with a wide variety of heavy equipment including backhoes and excavators.

Excavation Reports will include:

  • Figures showing sample locations and tables summarizing soil sampling analytical data.
  • Chain-of Custody Documnets and Laboratory Reports
  • Digital photographs of the excavated area before and after the excavation
  • Soil Disposal documentation
  • Air monitoring records if necessary
  • Copies of applicable permits
  • Reports can be delivered in hard copy, .pdf or ,.doc format on CD complete with digital photographs of site.
  • cc: list distribution and report copying and forwarding available.