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Phase One Environmental Site Assessment

Prior to the acquisition of a building or land it is critical to identify any potential environmental concerns that may exist. Financial institutions frequently require that a Phase I Environmental Assessment be conducted to accomplish this task. This assessment will provide you with information to assist in making an informed business decision. Overlooking this concern can cost you substantial future environmental expenditures, even if you did not create or contribute to the contamination.

Our Phase One Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) will protect your assets by offering the degree of detail required to legally meet your due diligence obligations as defined in ASTM-E-1527. Our reports are guaranteed to meet or exceed the ASTM Standard for Phase One Environmental Site Assessments. In some instances, further testing of media may be required to meet this obligation. However, because our reports exceed industry standards and our professionals are meticulously trained and experienced in Phase One ESAs, our recommendations may result in fewer sub-surface investigations.

Key Benefits

  • Hays Environmental Services is proud to offer expedited Phase I Environmental Site Assessments Services.
  • Normal turn-around-time for a Phase I ESA is 3-4 weeks.
  • HES can complete a Phase I ESA in just 1-2 weeks using our expedited report service.
  • Significant savings for multiple Phase I orders and/or adjoining or adjacent properties.
  • Reports will be delivered in .pdf or .doc format on CD complete with digital photographs of site.
  • Download our Phase One Brochure
  • View a Sample Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

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