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MTBE (Methyl Tert Butyl Ether)

This is a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions and links to other sites.

Gasoline Why and where MTBE is used in gasoline and its air quality benefits.

Underground Storage Tanks What EPA is doing to prevent leaks from underground tanks that store gasoline often containing MTBE

Drinking Water How MTBE may affect your drinking water...what EPA is doing to protect your water supplies.

Clean Up and Treatment How MTBE-contaminated soil and groundwater can be cleaned up.

Research and Testing Efforts to help assess and manage the potential risks and benefits of MTBE and other fuel oxygenates.

Recommendations and Actions Recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Panel and other actions EPA is taking to address concerns about MTBE.

Local Information Find out whom to contact in your area for more information on MTBE in drinking water.

Press Releases EPA press releases about MTBE.


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