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Sample Collection
Proper sample collection is essential for site characterization. Our sampling technicians adhere strcitly to written sampling protocol ensuring only the highest quailty results.

Waste Profiling
Hazardous waste on your property must be analyzed prior to its removal. The results of this analysis will be used to determine which disposal facility is best suited to accept your waste stream. Whether it be a stockpile of dirt or a drum of used oil all if will need proper indentification before it can be transported to a disposal facility.

Permit Compliance Sampling
Often samples will need to be collected to meet a particular permit. Examples inlcude:

  • NPDES for waste being discharge to the storm drain
  • POTW for waste being discharged to the sewer
  • SCAQMD for waste being discharge to the air

Key Benefits

  • Sampling by trained professional provides legally defendable results
  • Fast turn-around-times to accodomate our clients needs
  • Our professional technicians are ready to go with even less than 24 hours notice.